Yes, You

Some of us are the first in our family to go to college.  Some of us don’t look like a character in a Nerd TV show.  Some of us took another path to tech.  Sometimes, characteristics like these can make a person feel like they do not belong in their own field.

PDXWIT Best Speaker 2017

In my white body, I can go to the grocery store and nobody asks me where I’m from from.  I get pulled over by a cop and the only thing I worry about is how much the speeding ticket will be.  But in my woman body, in my nine-to-five, I feel on edge.  In danger.  Like I’m in a woods where the birds have stopped singing.

Diversity Across a Decade

When asked, "Do you consider yourself a typical computer scientist", about 38% of all participants answered "Yes." Smaller proportions of women, gender minorities, and underrepresented minority students answered "Yes".